Your first two years at Longwood University you are surrounded by a sea of new faces, names and challenges that may make you feel a little lost.  Additionally, when you enter your program of study within the business school you will feel even harder challenges expected of you.  How Delta Sigma Pi (a male and female) Professional Fraternity benefits its members is through many different ways. Like most professional fraternities, Delta Sigma Pi has many strong ties, with the past and has grown through the years since 1981 because of the enduring strength of our traditions; leadership, scholarship and friendship. We think these principles are just as important in helping us serve your needs today as they were when Delta Sigma Pi was founded on this campus 30+ years ago.

I1-e1362361333906The Kappa Nu chapter of Delta Sigma Pi has a responsibility of services to its members, the College of Business and Economics, university, and the community. It is well known that Delta Sigma Pi members enjoy a much higher level of involvement in campus and the business school than those that aren’t.

For this reason there are more than enough challenges to keep every member active in the daily operations of the chapter. Whether it is organizing a fun team to participate in intramurals, balancing the chapter books, or helping a brother with is homework, all the jobs are important to the chapter. In addition they help you develop leadership skills through experiences. Delta Sigma Pi promotes a new member pledge education programs designed to help new members develop their own leadership potential and adopt effective scholarship habits.

Helping each man and woman discover and cultivate their particular talents develops strong individuals.  Delta Sigma Pi realizes the importance of leadership development and hosts professional development events and encourages involvement in other programs hosted by the business school.  Initiated brothers can attend regional and national conferences as well to network and learn about the business world.

A study conducted by the Department of Health and Welfare has shown that “Fraternity membership has been clearly associated with persistence to graduation.” Numerous other studies have shown that a greater percentage of those receive degrees than their independent counterparts. Delta Sigma Pi has progressively initiated programs to aid the undergraduate in the field of scholarship. Our foundation also awards scholarships to members and also awards grants for members to attend Leadership and Excellence Academies for Deltasigs (LEAD).

Still questioning the value of a Fraternity? To many outsiders, fraternity membership is viewed as just a short four-year experience before embarking on a professional career. The fact that Delta Sigma Pi has over 200 chapters throughout the United States greatly deflates this assumption.  To these brothers in over 180 cities, the bond of fraternal friendship begun as an undergraduate remains unbroken throughout the years. To those of you yet to experience this deep and lasting friendship, that we more often refer to as brotherhood, it undoubtedly remains intangible. Perhaps it is unforgettable social events, or the thrill of competing on a championship intramural team, or the mutual reward that follows the agony of brothers “pulling late nighters” for finals, it can’t be stated in specifics. But we know one thing, over 242,000 young men and women have tried ΔΣΠ and loved it. We think you will too.

Each fall and spring seasons for decades, on campuses all over the country, thousands of students, have joined college fraternities.  The vast majority of these new pledge members, happy with their choice of joining a fraternity, have enjoyed their weeks of pledgeship and have been initiated into full active membership as a matter of course.

A college fraternity exists on the premise that students are by nature a social group and want to associate with their fellow students.  They cannot associate equally with all of them, or even many of them, but they may enjoy a close relationship with some of them. And this professional fraternity provides a structure, an environment in which intimate friendships can flourish. It is by no means the only kind of organization in which a student may find friends. Indeed, the typical student requires no organization at all to make friends, nor does anyone in a fraternity confine his friendships exclusively to fellow members of the group.

But a fraternity does foster brotherhood in an extremely effective way, its members drawn by shared goals and common experiences. It is also more likely than not, that a young man will find in a fraternity friends whose interests and background are different from his own even though all members of Deltasig are studying business.

1.  Delta Sigma Pi is a nationally recognized co-ed business fraternity
2.  Develop yourself personally, professionally, and fraternally
3.  Get inside access to internships, job opportunities, and workshops
4. Over 220,000 members nationwide initiated
5.  Over 600 members initiated from Longwood University
6.  85% of Fortune 500 executives are Greek members
7.  70% of Greek affiliated students graduate
8.  You will learn the professional skills employers are looking for
9.  Walk into a business class and always have somebody to sit with
10.  Make connections with alumni who work for top companies
11.  Make life-long friends who share your same interests
12.  Attend professional events and participate in community service
13.  Gain leadership experience while you’re in college
14.  When you join Delta Sigma Pi you are a Brother for life, not just your few college years