Membership in Delta Sigma Pi is an honor bestowed upon students of Business and Commerce.  Candidates for membership must receive an invitation to join the new member program at the beginning of each Fall and Spring from the Kappa Nu Chapter.  To begin this process you may come to recruitment events and meet the brothers of Delta Sigma Pi.   After each semesterly recruitment events are held, a bid session will be conducted and candidates voted on to be selected to receive bid cards.

The new member pledge program consists of those selected  by the chapter after the rush period has ended.  The orientation period consists of a six week time period of learning about the fraternity’s brothers, ideals, values, operations, and other relevant knowledge that will prepare you to be an active and valued member of the organization and the Longwood University community.

The pledge program is equivalent to taking an additional three credit course due to the studying and time commitments usually needed to get everything done.  During this six week period you will be continuously be assessed to see if you are demonstrating a willingness to perpetrate the ideals of the organization.  This is also an extremely fun time to get to know your pledge class and brothers, where fun things like games, professional development events, and Executive In Residence’s are all provided for developmental opportunities.

Upon completion of the new member pledge program and satisfactory requirements the pledges will be initiated as full Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity brothers.  It is one of the greatest privileges to receive this honor and something you can carry with you even after graduation.  You would be one of over 600 collegiate initiates of the fraternity at Longwood University and one of over 242,000 initiates in the United States.